While the Beachcomber is a concept, there are many items on the car that are lifted straight from the production version of the R60 crossover. We’re going to set the record straight on what is and what is not part of the R60.

Starting in the front, the hood (sans the reverse air inlet) and headlights are all taken straight from the R60. The bumper? Purely part of the concept meant to invoke the Moke. The size indicators? Those will be carried over with the exception of the “Beachcomber” badge.

Moving from front to back the mirrors are production albeit moved from the original position due to the Beachcomber having no doors. On the side of the car you can clearly see where the doors’ shut-lines are and in turn get a feel for the size of the openings of each. Finally around back the taillights are also production ready and taken from the R60. However one thing to note, the satin finish trim will be replaced with chrome on the final production R60.

The wheels are final production R60 items that are completely stock except the red lugnuts. However it’s unclear whether they are standard items or options. It’s worth noting that they are 17″ wheels. We expect the R60 to come with everything from 16″ wheels to 19″ options. However we expect the US market to start with the 17″ size.

From what we could gather, the semi-matte grey/sand paintwork is conceptual only. However we can report that the Beachcomber will get an almost entirely new color palate both inside and out.

Inside everything is essentially taken from a pre-production R60. The only major difference is the trim used throughout the car and of course the neoprene seat coverings. If you poke your hand around under the seat you can actually feel what could be the stock cloth seats. With just a few exceptions you’re looking at the R60 interior complete with the center rail concept which will talk more about soon.