Starting with March production, MINI will be upping the power on all models with revised engines. We reported the details earlier this week but we thought we’d go into the insane detail (Via a few internal PDFs) that you have come to know and expect from MF. So let’s get started. For starters outputs are up across the board.

– MINI One: 96 hp (Up 2 hp)
– MINI Cooper: 120 hp (up 2 hp)
– MINI Cooper S: 179 hp (up 7 hp)
– MINI JCW: 208 hp (unchanged so far)

For some reason MINI either has decided to delay the uprated engine on the JCW. Because of this we’re not going to focus on this model for the time being. Look for an upgrade later this year.

So with that said, let’s get into the details on our two favorite updated models.

The 2010 Cooper

BMW already had VALVETRONIC in the naturally aspirated Cooper so the extra power would have to be made up with other techniques. Specifically BMW has optimized the ECU and in turn the engine’s output has gone up 2 hp in total. You can read the entire specifications list below in the official PDFs.

+ MINI Cooper PDF (03/2010)

+ MINI Cooper Clubman PDF (03/2010)

+ MINI Cooper Convertible PDF (03/2010)

The 2010 Cooper S

The 2010 MCS has added a fully variable valve control known in BMW speak as VALVETRONIC. What this does is optimize the engine’s responses and enables a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. It does so by adjusting the lift and opening period of the intake valves to the driver’s power requirements within fractions of a second.

All this adds up to more power but also noticeably more efficiency. Technically the 1.6L turbo is now the world’s most efficient unit in this displacement class. You can see the entire list of specifications in the official PDFs below.

+ MINI Cooper S PDF (03/2010)

+ MINI Cooper S Clubman PDF (03/2010)

+ MINI Cooper S Convertible PDF (03/2010)