MINI Rail System

Yesterday we told you about the center rail in the forthcoming MINI crossover. Today we’re giving you a chance to design your own accessory that fits on the rail. But the best part? Come up with the best idea and we’ll give you an ultra-exclusive copy of the new MINI Design book autographed by MINI Design head Gert Hildebrand.

Here’s how it works:

1. Come up with the idea.
2. Post your idea in the comment section below (a sketch or even a Youtube video of you explaining or even a very detailed description it of course will help.
3. After 30 days we’ll send the ideas to the MINI Design team and they’ll pick the winner.

Of course really the best part? If it’s a good enough idea, you may even see it end up in a MINI someday.

All submissions need to be in within 30 days of this post!

Need a refresher on the rail system? With the MINI rail you can add and subtract different components depending on your needs. Want an armrest? Easy, snap it in and position where needed. Need an iPhone holder? MINI will surely have that covered. What about different devices? Again the beauty of the system is that MINI can offer a array of options depending on what you need. They even see the aftermarket stepping in and offering all sorts of accessories for things we can’t even imagine. But for more information on it straight from the people that know best, watch the video above where Gert Hildebrand (Head of MINI Design) talks about the concept behind the rail.

You can see a few excerpts of the book below.

MINI Design Past Present Future MINI Design Past Present Future

MINI Design Past Present Future MINI Design Past Present Future