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In part three of our look into the book MINI Design Past Present Future, we look at the sketches that lead to the JCW GP’s interior. What’s really interesting about these is the obvious care given to the GP’s interior strut bar. While it wasn’t ultimately a structural piece, it would seem the designers had originally intended it to be. We can imagine a slew of production realities likely brought an end to that.

Also included below is a sketch of an R56 in JCW Challenge guise that look positively hairy-chested. In fact it’s the most aggressive MINI we’ve ever seen and we only hope points to something (anything) coming in the future.

Remember that if you’re interested in an English version of this book, MINI may consider producing an english edition if the feedback on MotoringFile is positive and strong enough. So if you’d be interested in the ultimate coffee table book about MINI design, let us know in the comments section.