MINI hood scoop System

Due to the design of MINI’s 1.6L turbo engine, much of the heat generated by the engine ends up being emitted from the side closest to the hood/bonnet. One unforeseen consequence has been that the plastic hood scoops on the “S” model have actually warped due to excessive heat. In fact over the years MINI has noticed the issue and even made the non-fuctioning scoop slightly functional by opening a few holes in the black faux mesh. However in the end MINI has decided to change the material the scoops are made from. So from March ’10 buils onward MINI will be producing a new “metalized” plastic scoop (with metal infused into the plastic) that will be standard on the MCS and JCW models.

Update: What does that mean for current owners with saggy scoops? We don’t have 100% confirmation on this yet but MINI will likely be dealing the problem within the normal warranty guidelines (i.e. it’ll be covered). If you’re out of warranty we’d guess that it’ll be handled on a case by case basis.