MINI Countryman

This week MINI officially takes the wraps off of the Countryman to the public. The Geneva motorshow will host the Countryman Debut as well as the updated MINI engine line-up.

Official Release: Celebrating the world debut of the brand’s fourth model, MINI is setting one of the outstanding highlights at the 80th Geneva Motor Show 2010.

The MINI Countryman carries over the driving pleasure so typical of the brand into a new dimension. This is the first MINI with four doors and a large tailgate as well as a variable interior offering space for up to four occupants. At the same time the MINI Countryman is the brand’s first model measuring more than four metres (157”) in length and available as an option with ALL4 all-wheel drive.

Given all these qualities, the world’s one and only premium car of its kind exceeds the limits to urban mobility, adding new features to that feeling so characteristic of MINI and winning over additional target groups.

The new MINI One Convertible is another of the new models being presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show from 4 – 14 March 2010. With its 72 kW/98 hp four-cylinder power unit, this new version of the Convertible offers a particularly economical opportunity to enjoy the thrilling openness and fascinating agility on the road again so characteristic of the open-air MINI.

Like all other petrol engines available for the MINI, the MINI Clubman and MINI Convertible, the power unit of this new model has also been optimised in the spirit of MINIMALISM for superior performance and efficiency all in one. All of the brand’s petrol engines now fulfil the EU5 emission standard and offer a – in some cases significantly – improved balance of performance and fuel economy on the road.

The MINI One MINIMALIST also making its debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show is a particularly outstanding example of sustainable driving pleasure the owner will enjoy for a long time. The new entry-level model is available with either 55 kW/75 hp or 72 kW/98 hp and in both cases offers an outstandingly low CO2 rating of just 119 grams per kilometre quite exceptional on a petrol engine car.

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The MINI Countryman: brand new options – but still a typical MINI all the way.

Once again the MINI brand is presenting its unusual potential through a completely new vehicle concept. Offering even more space than before, featuring an elevated seating position and additional ground clearance as well as ALL4 all-wheel drive, the MINI Countryman introduces brand-new opportunities to enjoy the driving pleasure so typical of the MINI brand.

In its design and driving behaviour, the new MINI Countryman is clearly recognisable at first sight as a genuine MINI. Right from the start, the car stands out through its unique look – it is powerful, robust and versatile in all its features and appearance. Various design elements and proportions typical of the brand also stand out from the very beginning, enabling the fourth model in the MINI range to bridge the gap between the classic concept of the MINI and a modern Sports Activity Vehicle.

The MINI Countryman clearly demonstrates its provenance from the very beginning through its driving qualities. Like all models within the brand, it offers the most agile handling in its segment. Highly sophisticated suspension technology and electromechanical steering both precise and efficient guarantee that characteristic go-kart feeling further enhanced to a new level through the elevated seating position and optional ALL4 all-wheel drive. Active safety of the highest calibre is guaranteed also by DSC Dynamic Stability Control naturally featured as standard.

The MINI Countryman is available from the start with a choice of three petrol and two diesel engines. The range of petrol engines extends from the 72 kW/98 hp MINI One Countryman through the 90 kW/122 hp MINI Cooper Countryman all the way to the 135 kW/184 hp MINI Cooper S Countryman boasting the most efficient power unit worldwide in its four-cylinder 1.6-litre class. The two diesel models are the 82 kW/122 hp MINI Cooper D Countryman and the 66 kW/90 hp MINI One D Countryman.

ALL4 all-wheel drive is available in both the MINI Cooper S Countryman and the MINI Cooper D Countryman. And last but not least in this context, all models naturally comply with the EU5 emission standard in Europe and ULEV II in the USA.

One of the standard features of the MINI Countryman is the innovative Center Rail storage and fastening system. Body paintwork and interior colours created exclusively for the new model, a large range of upholstery variants, decorative trim, high-end audio and navigation systems as well as numerous features specific to the new model offer the connoisseur and aficionado a wide range of options in configuring the MINI Countryman to his personal style in a unique manner again typical of the brand.

MINIMALISM all the way: more pulling power, less CO2.

The features typical of every MINI, apart from the characteristic design of the car, its thrilling, very agile handling and premium quality quite unique in the small car segment, include a truly outstanding level of efficiency. And now, after thoroughly upgrading the wide range of petrol engines available on the MINI, MINI Clubman and the MINI Convertible, the entire brand is making further progress in the consistent reduction of both fuel consumption and emissions.

Following the philosophy of MINIMALISM, the balance of performance, on the one hand, and CO2 emissions, on the other, has been further optimised on all petrol engine models. And again, it almost goes without saying that all models now fulfil the EU5 emission standard.

The MINI Cooper S with its 1.6-litre four-cylinder offering another 7 kW/10 hp for overall output of 135 kW/184 hp and with a reduction in CO2 in the EU test cycle versus the former model by 13 to 136 grams per kilometre, is a particularly outstanding example of MINIMALISM and its practical benefits. A similar improvement of both agility and efficiency results in particular from the combination of a twin-scroll turbocharger, direct gasoline injection and fully variable valve management now featured for the first time on a MINI.

The new MINI Cooper combines an increase in output by 2 kW/3 hp to 90 kW/122 hp with a reduction in CO2 emissions to just 127 grams. Delivering maximum output of 72 kW/98 hp, the new MINI One comes with an increase in engine size, engine output and torque combined with yet a further reduction of CO2. Now also displacing 1.6 litres, this power unit is likewise available in the new MINI One Convertible, accelerating the open four-seater from a standstill to 100 km/h in 11.3 seconds on average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of 5.7 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 49.6 mpg imp) and a CO2 rating of 133 grams per kilometre.

The new MINI One MINIMALIST now available in two engine variants is making its appearance in the market with the lowest level of fuel consumption and emissions ever seen so far in a MINI with petrol engine. Featuring the appropriate engine in each case, these two entry-level models offer the same performance as the 72 kW/98 hp MINI One and, respectively, the 55 kW/75 hp MINI One. Thanks to optimised engine technology, Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start Stop, a gearshift point indicator and further special features of MINIMALISM, both models average fuel consumption of just 5.1 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 55.4 mpg imp) in the EU test cycle and the same CO2 rating of 119 grams per kilometre.

2011 MINI Connected

Enhanced networking for even greater driving pleasure: MINI Connected.

At the 2010 Geneva Motor Show MINI is setting the stage for a completely new and absolutely unique rendition of in-car entertainment. Together with the market launch of the MINI Countryman, MINI is also introducing innovative options to further enhance the driving pleasure so typical of the brand by intelligently networking the driver, his MINI, and the world around them.

As the world’s first car maker, MINI, through the introduction of MINI Connected, offers a newly developed, functionally quite unique USB interface for optimum integration of the Apple iPhone in the car’s audio and infotainment system. Exclusive to MINI, this technology sets the foundation for full integration of Smartphone functions to a standard never seen before. For the first time in an automobile, MINI Connected ensures a complete network with the world of entertainment, communication and online functions, plus vehicle information, all provided by modern Smartphone technology.

The new, additional functions integrated in the MINI are activated and masterminded through the car’s own control system. The prerequisite for full use of all functions provided by MINI Connected is the installation of the likewise brand-new MINI Visual Boost audio system which, through its high-resolution colour display in the central instrument and the MINI joystick on the centre console, ensures ideal conditions for convenient, simple and intuitive use of the system at all times.

2011 MINI Connected

Unique the world over: Web Radio and Mission Control.

MINI is proudly presenting the Web Radio function at the Geneva Motor Show as a typical example of the many new options offered by MINI Connected. Sitting in a MINI networked through MINI Connected with the outside world, the driver is able to receive his favourite radio station anywhere in the world and regardless of his current location, provided the station he would like to hear transmits its programmes also in the comprehensive database of radio broadcasters.

The driver chooses his station the usual way through the MINI Audio System, thus benefiting from very convenient and safe control options also while driving. MINI is the first car manufacturer in the world to offer this function in a regular production car.

MINI Connected also offers the option to integrate further services and functions in the car, the innovative iPhone interface providing a unique potential for the exchange of data subsequently used for an unusually wide range of infotainment, navigation and communication options in the car.

And at the same time MINI Connected provides the possibility to enhance
and upgrade every function, tailoring all features to the driver’s specific
wishes and preferences.

Yet a further outstanding highlight of MINI Connected is the Mission Control function featured for the first time in the MINI 50 Camden anniversary model. Mission Control evaluates a wide range of signals relating to the vehicle itself, current driving conditions, and the surroundings, thus offering the driver – again in that particular style so typical of MINI – very helpful information and advice relevant to his current requirements. Mission Control therefore highlights the MINI’s status as a genuine personality in the world of motoring, at the same time giving the driver an even greater feeling of being connected directly to his car through direct interaction.

Signals from the car are used consistently to generate new, situation-based dialogues time and again, always according to current requirements. Information typically used for this purpose covers the car’s safety and comfort settings, such as the signal to buckle up the seat belts, use of the car’s air conditioning, as well as current information on driving and traffic conditions, such as the outside temperature and the level of fuel in the tank.

The wide range of information and messages provided by the system once again significantly enhanced over all conventional functions, ensures an ongoing, highly meaningful and helpful dialogue between the MINI and its driver also in situations recurring daily on the road. And last but not least, MINI Connected offers a wide range of options also through Mission Control to expand and customise the mode of operation, for example through different language versions and driving modes.

At a Glance.

World debut: MINI Countryman.

The MINI model family is growing once again, with the MINI Countryman making its first appearance at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Measuring more than four metres in length, featuring four doors at the side, four fully-fledged seats and optional MINI ALL4 all-wheel drive, the brand’s fourth model offers that typical MINI feeling in a new dimension. Its extra, variable space inside and the elevated driving position give the MINI Countryman an absolutely unique look, while still retaining that distinctive character of a MINI both in its design and driving behaviour. As the first premium car of its kind, the MINI Countryman has everything it takes to win over additional target groups for that driving pleasure so typical of the brand.

World debut: MINI One Convertible.

Open-air driving pleasure in that unique MINI style is now becoming even more economical, with the new MINI One Convertible entering the market powered by the latest generation of MINI’s four-cylinder petrol engine. Displacing 1.6 litres and delivering maximum output of 72 kW/98 hp, this power unit again offers all the agility so typical of MINI, combined with average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of 5.7 litres/100 kilometres (49.6 mpg imp) and a CO2 rating of 133 grams per kilometre. As a further highlight, the MINI One Convertible comes as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox and is available as an option with six-speed automatic transmission.

World debut: MINI One MINIMALIST.

New petrol engines for the MINI, the MINI Clubman and the MINI Convertible ensure even greater agility – and, thanks to MINIMALISM – even lower CO2 ratings. A further important point is that the MINI Cooper S, the MINI Cooper, the MINI One, and the MINI John Cooper Works all fulfil the EU5 emission standard.

The MINI One MINIMALIST, in turn, offers maximum all-round economy, the entry-level model available with either a 55 kW/75 hp or 72 kW/98 hp four-cylinder setting new standards in terms of all-round economy and low emissions. Both variants make do with average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of just 5.1 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 55.4 mpg imp) and a CO2 emission rating of 119 grams per kilometre.