Every winter we get questions about winter tires. But we never hear from you about summer or performance tires? Luckily this year Brent finally posed the question to us. Thus we have this week’s Ask MF:

>I’ve got a 2006 MCS JCW with 20,000 miles and am finally ready to get some new summer tires. I’m looking for something that I can drive on the street and (now that my warranty is over) put at least one track day one. I’m looking to keep my R99 17″ wheels but I’m interested in moving to a 215/45/17 rather than a 205 width. Any suggestions? I’m willing to spend a little money for something if I have to. And btw they won’t be driven in the Northeast winter.

Great questions Brent. There are numerous answers out there with various price points. If money is no object, in the “Extreme Performance” category we’re partial to Bridgestone RE series (the RE070s being the latest and greatest in this size) or Dunlop’s Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec. As good as the Bridgestones are (and yes they are good), the Dunlops are great tires for $70 less a corner than the Bridgestones. Bridgestone also sells the RE11 in this size but at $175 they’re more than $50 higher than the Dunlop Direzza. However if you want value than look no further Kumho Ecsta Series ($109 and $116 respectively). Or if you want to go down to the “Max Performance” category (yes it’s not really max if “Extreme” is a higher category) then the Sumitomo HTR Z III tires at $91 look like a great value.

However with all that said we want to hear what you run and or suggest. Summer tires, one track day and great on-road performance. Let’s hear some ideas.

And for those of you who might have heard any of the recent podcast, no, Todd doesn’t get a vote since he bought a set of BF Goodrich with white lettering for his GP.