You may have noticed that BMW and MINI have done a deep dive into social media as of late. From Youtube to Twitter there are a number of ways that both brands are self-publishing content and creating their own voice. Today BMW is launching the BMW Group View to present ideas and visions that go beyond individual brands. This will give the BMW Group (the holding company for all BMW brands) the chance to speak directly to you and I about their ideas on the future of transportation and sustainability.

Official Release: The BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad brands have been active in the Web 2.0 world for some time: Their pages on Facebook, YouTube and other sites offer prospective customers and fans information and dialog options. Since 22 March 2010, the BMW Group also has had a “BMW Group View” profile on Facebook, along with a YouTube and a Twitter profile also under the name “BMW Group View”.

On “BMW Group View” the Group presents ideas and visions that go beyond specific brand profiles. The aim is to share ideas on a wide range of issues: Visionary concept cars, efficient drive technologies, the future of individual mobility and the BMW Group’s successes in the field of sustainability are just some of the topics on the agenda.

This expanded presence on social media platforms will be complemented by a new website for the BMW sustainability campaign “What’s next?” Information on sustainability projects and “project i”, the BMW Group’s future mobility project, can be found at www.bmwgroup.com/whatsnext.

With its new, expanded offering, the BMW Group is keeping up with the changing information and media needs of prospects, customers and the public today. The focus is on exchange within the society where real-time media play an increasingly important role.