Due to some technical issues we don’t have any photos save for the one later in this article. so if you have AMVIV photos you’d like to share please post a link in the comment section below.

Consider this fact. In 2007 (the last time I attended a MINI Vacation i n Vegas – aka AMVIV) there were almost 600 people in attendance at the finale. In 2010 there were (by our accounts) around 250. Weather, the economy and location likely did a lot to bring those numbers down. But none of it detracted from what still has to be viewed as one of the largest and best organized events in the US.

The event started out with cool temps and driving winds that forced participants from the rooftop of the parking garage to a lower floor. That brought temps down even further and definitely detracted from the sunny Vegas vibe that we had seen in years previous. But what likely detracted even more was the location; a full 20 minutes outside of the strip in extreme north Las Vegas. While AMVIV has never technically taken place on the strip, it’s proximately to everything at the Palace Station (just a short cab ride away from the Wynn for example) made for a very Vegas like atmosphere.

But location and weather aside the facilities at the Aliante Station were first rate. And the organization and tireless devotion to the event by member of the Sincity MINI club was also truly inspiring.


The finale featured both the MotoringFile and the Whiteroofradio crew (DB, Todd, Chad and myself as seen above in this backstage pic) doing a two hour show that mixed live podcast, tons of giveaways and even a bit of comedy. For the first time we were able to do a show in a proper venue with real lighting and an incredible technical set-up. It all certainly made our jobs a lot easier. And the 250+ in the crowd did a lot to create the right atmosphere.

All told it was a great time and worthy of being known as one of the best MINI events in the US. With the economy improving and talk of a new location next year, things can only get better. Now if we could just do something about the weather.