Our friends at MINI passed along a few videos of MINI’s week at the Milan Design Week. As seen on MF last week,
the theme was “The MINI Countryman Picnic”.

First up lets take a look at a behind the scenes view of the entire set-up leading into the festivities in part 1 of the video series:

Now onto the good stuff.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (w/Gert Hildebrand)

Part 5

Last week, MINI released a series of exclusive videos documenting highlights
from a highly unique event that took place on April 13th as part of Milan Design
Week: The MINI Countryman Picnic.

All the behind-the-scenes footage is online now at www.youtube.com/mini

A star-studded, invite-only guest list, an exclusive interview with head of
MINI design Gert Hildebrand, and the cool, unconventional space itself all make
this VIP Picnic highly bloggable.

All details regarding this and the other events by MINI during this week are
currently online at MINISpace.com:

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pass it along to your readers.

MINI — April 13, 2010 — MINI Space Team goes behind the scenes during the set-up for the exclusive MINI Countryman Picnic in Milan to show you just how this highly unique space was designed and created from the ground up.