We’ve noticed quite a few questions in our comments over the last few months from those trying to make sense of all the new models and refreshes coming from MINI. While we’ve spelled it out in various reports over the past few years we thought we’d re-post some of that here in quick-guide form for future reference.

So with that said let’s take a look at what each year will bring.


R55, R56, R57 Refresh (September)
R60 Countryman (Fall Euro and UK launch)


R60 North American Launch (March)
R58 Roadster Worldwide Launch (Late Spring)
R59 Coupé Worldwide Launch (Summer)


– R56 Limited Edition JCW (only a rumor at this point)
– R60 SpaceBox (only a rumor at this point)


3rd Generation MINI Launch (late summer)


3rd Generation MINI Convertible (fall)


MINI Moke based on the R60 (only a rumor at this point)

From here it gets fuzzy. We know that MINI is considering basing the next Clubman off of the R60 Countryman platform but we don’t have any specific time-frame on that change other than a vague guess of 2014 or 2015. Then there’s the replacement of the Coupé and the Speedster. We expect sales to be the final judge on whether or not they’ll need replacements and that won’t happen until around 2019.

For further reading on MINI’s upcoming roadmap be sure to check out our report from last year. Also check back later this week for some of the latest news on the Coupé and Roadster twins.