If there are two things we can’t get enough of, it’s the Nurburgring and the JCW GP. Thanks to a tip from Florian, we have both in spades. Youtube (and we assume GP owner) frigo1966 has the best collection of GP vs ‘Ring footage we’ve ever seen. They’re all well worth a click.

The first video here is our favorite. Have you ever wanted to see a GP passing multiple Porsche GT3s on the ‘Ring? Look no further (courtesy of frigo1966). Who said the MINI wasn’t a serious track car?

MINI GP vs E46 M3

Two GPs on the ‘Ring

GP vs E46 M3 CSL

As a bonus, youtube user toastet (check out his channel here) has a rival collection of GP vs ‘Ring footage that also shouldn’t be missed. Here are a few samples.