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During my time at BMWNA/MINI USA headquarters last week I stumbled on one of the most photographed cars ever on MotoringFile (or at least one of them). The Countryman test mule that we saw running around Europe and the US was quietly tucked away in the farthest corner of the farthest lot.

After some official approval I thought I’d get a closer look. Obviously at this point we’ve seen the final product and most (if not all) questions have been answered. But what about this test mule that many of us looked at in confusion and amusement for over a year? I figured you the reader deserved to see this thing as up close as possible one last time.

With that, we present you the MINI Countryman test mule. It’ll be missed for its insane vinyl wrap, faux headlights and taped on grille. It won’t be missed for all the off-the wall questions and conversations it created in the comment section.