mini coupe and roadster

The two most anticipated cars from MINI enthusiasts are currently taking shape deep within Munich at MINI Design. The MINI Coupé and Roadster promise not only a sportier look but a sportier driving experience than any similar MINI product before them. And the best part? Both will be coming in within 18 months.

Both cars will sport a redesigned front and rear facia and unique hood designs. Currently MINI is looking at several designs ranging from an Aston like look with the running lights placed closer to the corners. It’s all in an effort to make the two cars unique in design from their Hatch and Convertible siblings.

Released in March of 2012 will be the R58 Roadster . Inside and outs there will be exclusive trim and paint options that will help set it part from the more pedestrian R57 MINI convertible.

However the one we’re particularly excited about at the MotoringFile HQ is the Coupé. According to sources it will come a few months earlier around September of 2011. Like the Roadster the Coupé will sport exclusive trim and color options. However the Coupé will be positioned as the most focused car MINI makes and thus we expect it’s look to match that character.

We expect to see final product versions in March at Geneva. Look for testing mules to start showing up this summer lapping the ‘Ring, driving through the desert and dicing it up in Munich traffic.

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