mini autox

Ok we’ve had it. We need a break from our regular programing to say a few things. We all critique MINI and wish it had this and that but the truth is we are MotoringFile and we love this damn car. There’s nothing else like it and frankly we’d be really pissed if it ever went away. It’s fast, it’s stylish and it’s (relatively) affordable for how incredibly good it is.

Because of all of this we’re creating a top ten reasons that the MINI is simply the best car in the world. Yeah we’re not pulling punches here, we said in the world. (drum roll please)…

1. It will eat E46 M3s alive at track days if driven properly.
2. It’s fun at low speeds in a way that almost no car (other than something vintage) can be.
3. There is no pretense of having an aggressive face that’s meant to scare pedestrians. It’s a happy, fun yet fast car when hustled.
4. It can be a personal expression of how awesome you are.
5. You can make friends with it by simply driving (try doing that with a Mazda)
6. It doesn’t look like anything else on the road. In fact it’s weird (and that’s good).
7. It exudes style in a British way that is totally unique in the current automotive market.
8. …
9. …
10. …

But here’s the thing, we’re only going to give you seven reasons. The last three we need you to give us in the comment section.

…So let’s hear it. Why do you love the MINI? R53, R57, it doesn’t matter what you own. We want to hear why you smile every time you turn the key.