The following report was done in conjunction with our friends at Bigblogg.

Remember that 2011 Clubman we spotted outside of the BMW Environmental Test Center last week? While most of our attention (and yours) was to the front and rear refresh, there was something not so subtle we casually mentioned that no one picked up on – the red roof and mirrors.

Turns out it was they weren’t there by chance. MINI will be offering 2011 model year JCWs with the exclusive no cost option of a Chili Red roof potentially in place of black. This is MINI’s answer to those who thing the JCW is not visually distinctive enough. It’s unclear at this time if black will remain an option.

There were many inside the company that wanted to see various carbon fiber accessories or even the JCW aero-kit standard (as it is in the UK). However cost was a factor with each of those options – especially with the carbon fiber bits. So the idea of simply allowing a different color roof (one that maps back to JCWs brand color) was born. There’s still a slight chance for the JCW aero-kit to make the cut but it’s looking highly unlikely at this point.

Moving inside MINI will be turning to two special editions for inspiration. First up will be standard gray dials on the speedometer and tachometer reminiscent of the GP. Secondly MINI will take the black and red pipped lounge leather seats as found in the WC50 and make them an exclusive option on the 2011 JCW.

What about power? As we know MINI has added Vanos (infinitely variable valve timing) to the standard MCS and that has resulted in an output of around 181 hp (final US numbers are still being verified). However due to European EU5 regulations (vs EU4 which the JCW engine was designed to accommodate), MINI will not be upgrading the JCW engine in a similar way and thus we do not expect any power increases for 2011.

The 2011 JCW will debut alongside the rest of the line-up in September of this year. Look for official photos to be revealed on MF after the rest of the line-up debuts in a few weeks time.