A few of you may have seen the MINI vs Porsche ad in yesterday’s New York times. We now have the exclusive first look at the official video from MINI USA. Yes MINI USA is calling out Porsche to meet them on the track at Road Atlanta with a Porsche Carrera S and a driver. MINI will bring a 2010 Cooper S and their own driver. We don’t know much about any of the other parameters or if Porsche will even show up. But we do know that MINI will win win lose or draw in just posing the challenge to a car costing (at least) three times as much.

The video above shows MINI USA head Jim McDowell (former Porsche exec) calling out Porsche and even throwing in a few bald guy Porsche jokes for good measure. Clearly the overall tone is cheeky and MINI is taking themselves too seriously with this. But can they win? If the track is tight and technical enough perhaps. However as much as we love MINIs, a Carrera S is fast car on any track (provided the driver is decent). For MINI to win it would need to be a combination of the right track and right driver.

The event will be closed to the public but we’ll be part of the exclusive group of journalists covering the event.

You can follow all the updates right here on MotoringFile and on MINI USA’s Facebook page.

We’ll have much more on this soon.