Our favorite public insider source for BMW news Scott27 has spilled some details on the three cylinder engine range we’ve reported on as the basis of the next 1 series and MINI line-up. While there’s no surprising details (we’ve already published a first hand account of driving a MINI with the new engine) there are some details leaked.

As expect the engine will also find its way into the X3 and then the 3 Series (eventually the X1 as well). So what should we expect? The new three cylinder will be part of a range of engines utilizing a new common 500cc per cylinder design while also making use of direct-injection and turbo-charging. The combination will create s surprisingly powerful yet lightweight mill that should dispel what we expect out of three cylinder engines.

First the version will show-up in late 2011 in the next generation 1 Series hatch. From there the new F30 3 Series sedan will then get a version following by the X3 shortly afterwards. But it’s the 1 Series and MINI that will benefit most of this new range. As we’ve previously reported BMW (and MINI) will be bringing several version of the new 3 cylinder to market along with a few larger (and surprisingly powerful) direct-injection turbo-charged four cylinders.

The idea of using 500cc per cylinder in future BMW/MINI engines which will rise from the 1.5 three cylinder all the way up to BMW’s largest V8s. The ultimate goal being is to save resources in engine development costs and engine production.