A few months back we told you about MINI’s plan to revamp it’s color line-up by making some big changes.

Gone for 2011

First Lets recap what was reported on MF earlier this year. MINI is eliminating the following (starting with 2011 production):

– British Racing Green Metallic
– Dark Silver
– Nightfire Red
– Interchange Yellow (gone 12/2010)

Additionally out (according to our friends at Bigblogg):

– Sparkling Silver (will be MC only)
– Pure Silver

New for 2011

Now let’s take a look at what’s new for 2011 as previously reported (after the jump)

– British Racing Green Metallic II (replacing BRG and reportedly lighter with hints of yellow)
(Updated) Orange Spice (available on the R57 and R56)
– Eclipse Grey (as we predicted this replaces Dark Silver on the MCS)
– Hot Chocolate (reported earlier this year – being extended to all models)

Now the two additions to this list courtesy of Bigblogg:

– White Silver (available on all models)
(Updated)Ice Blue (available starting December 2010 on all models)

Six colors in total are being replaced for the 2011 refresh, the most MINI has ever replaced without replacing models. It’s also clear that MINI is trying to keep things fresh while adding