Next week we’ll be seeing the 2011 MINi range in its entirety. However today we get (another) sneak peak at the new red-roofed JCW.

What’s changing? For JCW it’s actually not that much. That means no JCW suspension, no JCW aero-kit and no unique exterior styling. However to make the model more unique MINI is offering a Chili Red Roof (potentially in place of the current black option) black and red stripes along with a black version of the 17″ JCW wheel.

Inside the car MINI will be turning to two special editions for inspiration. First up will be standard gray dials on the speedometer and tachometer reminiscent of the GP. Secondly MINI will take the black and red pipped lounge leather seats as found in the WC50 and make them an exclusive option on the 2011 JCW.

What about power? As we know MINI has added infinitely variable valve timing to the standard MCS and that has resulted in an output of around 181 hp (final US numbers are still being verified). However due to European EU5 regulations (vs EU4 which the JCW engine was designed to accommodate), MINI will not be upgrading the JCW engine in a similar way and thus we do not expect any power increases for 2011.

Image courtesy of our friends at Bigblogg