We’ve had a number of emails asking about the possibility of retrofitting various parts of the 2011 MINI refresh. Specifically the interior.MF reader Houshmand Moarefi from Denver, CO wrote in earlier this week wanting to know what many of you have asked over the last few days. Is it possible to retrofit some if not all of the refreshed MINI interior?

>Would I be able to retrofit my 2009 Clubman S with the new speedo/radio andblack finish packages? Has MINI ever offered such upgrades for earlier models?

The answer is yes and no. Yes you swap parts but each component comes with a set of different issues. On the steering wheel for instance the updated part is tied to the airbag which is extremely expensive and likely not worth replacing to get the new chrome trim. The radio face can be swapped out but the lower portion (where the buttons are) may be difficult considering that the volume knob has now moved into this module.

Yes it is possible to replace various parts of the HVAC interface but again it involves taking apart the entire center stack and the components underneath.

With the previous generation car, MINI did not offer upgrades that brought your car up to the same look as the refresh.

All that said, where there’s a will, there’s a way. We’d guess that (through trial and error) we’ll soon find out what parts of more easily swappable than others and we’ll post an update once 2011 parts are available.