Dodge City

The road trip portion of MTTS is officially over and the party is about to begin. Yes we are in Denver and about to get everything started. There are hundreds of MINIs here; everything from classics to MINI E’s are roaming around. And then there are the people from every corner of North America young and old here to celebrate the MINI brand.

But let’s take a moment and talk about what has to be called an epic road trip today. We covered over 600 miles with an average speed over 80 mph cross great stretches of nothing at all. It’s was jaw dropping in its beauty many times. Matt and I kept the JCW’s top down the entire time (without wind deflector I might add) and had an experience that was as close to a motorcycle as you’ll get in a modern car.

The JCW was flawless today. It was a relatively stock car with bluetooth, chrome-line in and out and black leather. Yes that means the standard suspension – something that didn’t go unappreciated while driving over the broken pavement of I70. But let’s talk about why this car is s special for a second. The engine is simply the best powerplant MINI has ever put in a car. I can’t stress enough how endearing the noises, the power and the ability to rev are. And it’s all made more satisfying with the top down. We’ll have more on the car in the coming days but suffice to say it was a fantastic day in a fantastic car.

We’ll have some incredible photos of today’s trip up within the next few hours. However now it’s time for a shower, a change of clothes and to start the real party.