During August production MINI made a major mistake with a handful of cars destined for the US. The cars were built with a display, but without MINI Connected. These cars were supposed to receive standard Boost CD radio system, but instead they were equipped with a high-resolution “MINI Visual Boost” screen, Combox Controller, Comfort Bluetooth, Smartphone Integration and a Center Arm rest. The best part? Because the option isn’t really an option it’s listed as no cost on the vehicle sticker.

What happened was the order code 6NE for Comfort Bluetooth on the 2010 models changed to all those other options that are apart of MINI Connected. So when dealers ordered Comfort Bluetooth the cars received all those other goodies that are normally apart of MINI Connected. Since there was no pricing for those items, they were installed at no cost. MINI did change the vehicle order rules to reflect the proper elements of Comfort Bluetooth, but many cars went into production before they could rectify.

So if you are in the market for a 2011 you will want to hunt down one of those cars and save some money before they are gone!

(Thanks Andrew for the info!)