According to several well placed sources Bloomberg is reporting a deal is about to be struck between Saab Automobile and BMW. The deal is said to have Saab buying engines made by BMW.

Reportedly the redesigned 9-3 set to debut in 2012 will be the first SAAB to be powered by BMW. The motor more than likely will be a yet to be released 4 cylinder turbo as BMW has said in the past they would refrain from selling their 6 cylinders to other mainstream manufacturers.

The deal is rumored to be announced in Trollhaettan, Sweden, on Sept. 29, before the Paris Motor Show.

In addition to the deal for BMW engines, Spyker (Saab’s parent company) has openly announced that they continue to negotiate terms with BMW for use of the MINI Countryman platform. The MINI platform would become the basis of the planned Saab 9-2, expected to launch in 2014.