We love seeing new production and concept vehicles from the clever folks at MINI. Last month’s Paris Motor Show saw the reveal of the MINI Scooter E and the Countryman WRC race car. But can there be too much of a good thing? According to Autocar, Design leads Gert Hildebrand and Adrian van Hooydonk say yes. In fact, they’ve got more fun stuff to show us in the future, but they’re giving us all a chance to “get used to” the current crop of new MINIs, especially the Countryman, before we see anything else.

But why the caution? Adrian van Hooydonk explains, “We have ideas for MINI in the future, but we need to be careful how we communicate them. MINI is a very sensitive brand.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. What do you do when you design vehicles for some of the most passionate car enthusiasts in the automotive world? You take it very, very seriously.

So what will we see next? Sources say that at Geneva next year we can expect a concept for MINI’s smallest car since the original: the “City Car” — a vehicle that’s likely to share a similar footprint to the iconic original. We can’t wait. What do you think? Is MINI creating new cars at a sensible pace? Would you like to see more?