Readers of MotoringFile and listeners to White Roof Radio may remember that a few months back MINI extended an invitation to this community to come up with product ideas for the Countryman’s innovative center rail. The winner, as you may recall, was an ingenious idea bringing LEGOs into the back seat. The brains behind that little slice of genius received an autographed book about MINI design. What you may not have realized is that the contest that ran here on MF and on WRR was actually part of a larger international accessory competition. The prizes included a trip to the Paris Motor Show, and a pair of Apple MacBook Pro laptops. Those ideas were also rendered as prototypes and displayed at the Paris Motor Show itself.

The first idea prototype is the “Fire in the MINI” concept from Satoshi Nakamura of Germany. It’s hardly utilitarian, but then again, setting the mood is important when you’re motoring to a weekend away. For his idea, Satoshi received a four day trip for two to Paris and admission to the Paris Motor Show.

The second idea prototype, dubbed “MINI Star Karaoke” takes your road trip sing-along to a whole new level. Submitted by Chris Townsend of the UK, he received an Apple MacBook Pro for his idea.

The final prototype features something expected done in an unexpected way. The “MINI Gamer” prototype shows iPad integration focused on playing games between the seats. In this case, air hockey. Penned by Andrew Till of Italy, this little bit of thinking also earned him an Apple MacBook Pro.

Info and images courtesy of BMW Blog.