There has been some shuffling in the halls of BMW and MINI. Beginning December 1st, Tom Salkowsky will leave his role as Manager of Corporate Communications for BMW and take on the roll of Manager of Marketing for MINI. He’ll be replacing Trudy Hardy, who is moving on to become Manager of BMW Marketing Communications. Her roll was formerly held by Patrick McKenna, who is now moving on to head MINI’s Product Strategy and Motor Experiences Department. Get all that? Good.

What will this mean for MINI’s marketing strategy? Only time will tell. With so much internal movement, chances are the big pieces of the strategy puzzle aren’t moving far. It’s worth mentioning that as of the end of the year, BMW’s relationship with current Austin ad agency GSD&M will come to an end. Though that has no direct bearing on MINI, it’s worth knowing as part of the change landscape within BMW. MINI’s relationship with BSSP is healthy and will remain.