New figures from the EPA confirm that the MINI Cooper remains one of the most fuel-efficient cars you can own. It’s tops in its class and right in there with the best performers from its surrounding car classes as well. See the numbers and get the full PDF after the break.

Beyond the Cooper but within its class, the worst mileage in the MINI range (the JCW Convertible at 25/33 mpg) is still quite a bit better than the next closest contender, the Mitsubishi Eclipse (at 20/27 mpg). Across all cars, with rare exception, the only way you’re going to get better mileage than a MINI Cooper is in a hybrid. But even those numbers are interesting. Looking at Honda’s new CR-Z sport hybrid, its numbers aren’t much more impressive than the Cooper S. The CR-Z will hit 39 mpg highway, with the Cooper S not far behind at 34 mpg highway. More interesting for this audience, however, is that while the weight of the two cars is basically even, the CR-Z only has 122 hp between both its power plants. Is more than 50 horsepower worth 5 mpg? Uh…YEAH!

2011 EPA Fuel Economy Guide (PDF)