As a going away present (soon to be former) head of MINI Design, Gert Hildebrand sent this to us wishing everyone at MF and all of our readers a great holiday season. It’s also serves as yet another look at the MINI Paceman concept.

We’ll have much more on the Paceman in Detroit in a few weeks. But before (and perhaps more interesting to many readers) we’ll have our last interview with Gert Hildebrand next week on MF. You won’t want to miss it.

As the year draws to a close we thought we’d take a minute to wish all readers a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. It’s been a great year for us at MF and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading it all as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you. We’ve managed to circumvent the globe in an effort to bring you the very best on the brand we all love.

Next week we’re going to have a proper look back but until then we wish you happy holidays and all the best in the new year.