MINI UK has started a winter tyre (yes, it’s spelled tyre in the UK, just go with it) program to give MINI owners better grip in the winter months. Our MINI dealer sources tell us that for now, these specific tyres are not available to US dealers at this time. They’re in the UK, in the back, with all the diesel MINIs. But take hope, your local MINI USA dealer can put together a winter tire combo for you too, it just won’t be these specific shoes.

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With average British winter temperatures dipping below 7°C, MINI customers can now equip their cars with specially developed winter tyres. With more natural rubber in their compound to give extra grip at lower temperatures, winter tyres are the perfect way to stay safe in the ice, snow and rain. And, with MINI’s winter wheel and tyre packages, style conscious drivers don’t have to compromise; both steel and alloy rim design combinations are available across the entire range.


Stop Quicker.
Winter tyres stop up to 20% quicker when driving in cold weather conditions compared to summer tyres.

Better Grip.
Special rubber and silica compounds offer increased levels of grip when outside temperatures drop below 7°C.

Maximum Safety.
Sophisticated tread patterns and an increased number of sipes provide increased levels of safety and mobility.

Braking distance at 60mph on wet road under 7°C
Winter tyres – 65.7m
Summer tyres – 70.5m

Braking distance on an icy road from 20mph
Winter tyres – 57m
Summer tyres – 68m

MINI Winter Tyre prices start at £420 for the Hatch, Convertible and Clubman models and £600 for the new MINI Countryman.

Post courtesy of Flickr user ehrrick.