We’re starting to get little bits and pieces of information trickling in from sources and readers who are paying attention to this year’s Dakar race. We’ll post the full story once we have it, but in the meantime, here’s a post for random things as they get sent in. Starting with the above photo from the starting line. Thanks for sending it in, Jack. If you’ve found info on the race, please use the contact page to send it our way.

Dakar overview video. There’s a brief shot of the Countryman.

Another Dakar video here. This time with some team interviews.

Dakar website X-raid team page, featuring the MINI Countryman. Not much there, but there it is.

Stage one overview video, featuring some MINI race footage.

It’s in German, but this video shows some detail from the MINI Countryman’s stage one breakdown at around 1:04: