We’ve reported that a Cooper SD was coming in the Spring of 2011 for quite some time, now we have semi-official proof. We’ve received word from an inside source that MINI will debut the Cooper SD in Geneva. Expect a web debut a little earlier sometime in Febuary.

Powered by a 2.0L 143 hp BMW turbo diesel, the new line will include the hatch, convertible, Clubman, Countryman and Countryman All4. We don’t have specific torque numbers (225 ft-lbs is rumored), but we’re told it’s the most torque to ever make it into a production MINI. Here’s the kicker: the Cooper SD will reportedly earn an impressive 65 mpg (on the EU cycle)!

Aside from the “SD” badge, there won’t be any exterior bodywork changes to differentiate the SD from its petrol-sipping Cooper S siblings, so think of it as torque incognito. Debuting in Geneva, the car will go on sale in March…in Europe and the UK. Due to EPA regulations it’s very doubtful we’ll ever see this car on US soil. But don’t worry, fans of efficient power in the US will soon have more options from MINI to choose from.