Big thanks to Mark for sending this in! It’s an iPhone holder that integrates into the MINI dash much like the old R50/53 Chrono Pack speedo. From the photos, this appears to be an R56 installation and we don’t have any word on whether a similar kit would be available for the R50/53. It’s made by the German company Attractive4MINI and is due for release sometime this spring. No word yet on pricing. Also, rumor has it that something similar is in the works from MINI USA. It’s a great idea and kudos to its developers.

[UPDATE] We’ve talked with the folks at Attractive4MINI and have a little more info. The first versions will be iPhone 4 only. It does include the dock connector and can replace the arm rest iPhone dock if you want it to. That means that this gauge can be your iPhone cradle for MINI Connected. Also, they plan to build a version of this for the Countryman as well. Sadly, there will be no R50/R53 version as those gauges are apparently too small to house the iPhone. They are making plans for US shipping availability once the product is ready to go.

More photos after the break.