Prodrive is looking worldwide for a MINI WRC team manager, hoping to fill the position by April in preparation for the team’s season start in May. Prodrive has extensive experience recruiting these kinds of individuals, starting a quarter century ago when they first started working with Subaru in WRC. The process is interesting.

Speaking with, Prodrive chairman David Richards said: “People have always assumed you should have lived and breathed rallying all of your life to do this job, I’m not sure that’s the case any more. The person we’re seeking has to have a passion for motorsport, but it’s a professional approach that we will be looking for and although he or she may well come from another discipline within the sport, it could equally be an enthusiast who is working in another business environment altogether.

Where does that person come from? What do they look like? I can’t tell you but Prodrive is committed to taking a fresh approach to finding the most suitable candidate. We’re looking to raise the bar here and find the best possible person for the task, not necessarily the most obvious.”