2011 MINI

In March, a handful of things will change in the MINI lineup regarding colors and options. Most notably (in our minds anyway) is the end of Pure Silver, a color that’s been with MINI since its launch in the states in 2002. Other colors are getting the chop as well. Sparkling Silver will be replaced by a Cooper-only color called Velvet Silver. The Clubman will get a new Reef Blue Metallic in both Cooper and Cooper S trim.

In Countryman news, color options will remain the same for the MINI 4-door. March production updates will not bring a USA rear bench seat option for the R60 as hoped, but our sources tell us that the bench is still coming and should land very soon thereafter. Official towing capacity for the Countryman will also be issued. [Spoiler alert] It’s officially zero, just like the R5x cars. MINI USA does not recommend towing anything behind your car and does not offer an OEM tow package for this reason (although aftermarket kits are available).

It’s worth noting that outside tue US MINI AG does offer towing packages that comply with local regulations. Unfortunately US regulations don’t allow for these kits.

Lastly, a new upholstery option will be available beginning in March called Carbon Black Cosmos Cloth as a no-cost alternative to the stock leatherette, and can be had on both the sport and not-sport seats alike. So if you’re ordering a MINI soon, keep these details in mind. If you want a Pure Silver MINI, you’d better hurry.

Post image courtesy of Flickr user themulett.