Historically we haven’t minced words when it comes to the factory “MINI aero-kit”. We’ve never been fond of the look. And apparently we weren’t alone. Even if MINI didn’t see the negative comments on it over the years on MF they have now seen the numbers. Yes sales have been much less than anticipated and MINI has made a change. Starting with March production the “MINI Aero-kit” (as it was confusingly known) will be replaced at the factory by the JCW Aero-kit.

What does this mean for those looking to buy a MINI? For starters the JCW Aero-kit should get less expensive. Currently the “MINI aerokit” can be had for $1250 via the factory. The JCW aerokit lists for $1961 before painting and installation.

It also means a better looking MINI. But I guess that’s obvious right?


There’s no word on how (if it all) this will change the JCW model as we know it.