For those that have followed MF for years you’ll know that yours truly has been without a MINI for over two years now. After owning three MINIs within four years I took a break and bought a couple of BMWs. I went from two to eight doors in my garage and a much different ownership and driving experience. And while I love both of them I’ve missed the feel, the ownership experience and the culture of the MINI world. So I’m doing something about it.

We’re getting a long-term MINI Countryman Cooper S to drive, test and live with for one year. It’s an incredible opportunity to try out the R60 and give MF readers a real-world view of living with the car day to day.

Now here’s where you the readers come in. We need to design and spec this thing and need some opinions. So who better to turn to then MotoringFile readers? The first thing we need to determine is what model. We loved the lighter and quicker FWD MCS in our early reviews but icant help but think the All4 requires more time to get to know. The. There’s the lighter and cheaper FWD Cooper model as well.

Now let’s get to the options. In part 1 of speccing our Countryman we’re going to ask for suggestions of what to get and what not to get in the comment section below. If you’d like to spec out a Countryman and post the image or the spec list below feel free to do that as well. In part two we’ll narrow down the specs and you’ll have a chance to vote on the final car.