Last week we found a mostly positive review of the Countryman All4 from the NYT. Here we have a very different perspective from Dan Neil across town at The Wall Street Journal.

The purity squads have their tiny knives out for the BMW Mini Countryman, and who can blame them? A 3,200-pound, four-door, all-wheel-drive Mini as big as a Nissan Juke and as potentially as spendy as a BMW 3-series, pushing $40,000? Why, it’s ridiculous, it’s absurd. You might as well suggest a Ferrari four-wheel-drive station wagon.

Oh dear Lord. When did that happen?

Mr. Neil goes on to both praise MINI for making this bigger vehicle capable, stylish and remarkable in its segment — and then aim some very valid philosophical criticism at the very existence of the R60 in the MINI brand. Regardless of where you come down on the Countryman fanboy/hater spectrum, it’s a thoughtful review that’s worth reading. Read the full article (and view its video content) here.