If you’re viewing this post on a mobile device you’re likely pretty happy. A few weeks ago the pinch and zoom functionality built into the iPhone (and other mobile devices) simply quit working on MF. Why? We’re still trying to sort that out. But due to the issue we felt it was the right time to roll-out the new mobile version of MotoringFile that we’d been working on for the past few months. It’s designed to be used as a standard mobile site or a web app. Why not spend our time building an iOS specific app? With the very fragmented Android growing alongside iOS we felt a web based app that took advantage general touch platforms was the best way to go at this time.

Of course there’s still work to do. For starters we’re still are working on fixing the root issue that led us to launch the mobile site sooner (specifically as it affects the iPad). However we’re ready for you to start using MotoringFile Mobile. As always let us know what you think via our the comments below.