Welt.de is reporting that MINI plans to price the Goodwood at €50,000 for the German market. It’s the first pricing we’ve seen on MINI’s most luxurious model and it gives us some indication as to pricing elsewhere. However (as always) don’t expect a simple conversion rate to give you the US price based on that figure. In fact we believe this gives the rumored $50,000 price point that we’ve heard for years quite a bit some credence.

But at $50,000 (or €50,000) is this car worth it? As always that’s a very personal question that likely isn’t even meant to be answered by a typical MINI owner. We expect the Goodwood to be pitched towards Rolls Royce and other luxury brand owners as their urban runabout. It’s the car that gets used when you don’t want to pull-out the Rolls Drophead Coupe. And with RR levels of comfort and opulence and a healthy dose of understated British style thrown in, the $50,000 is almost not the point for that customer. Or at least that’s what MINI and BMW seems to be thinking.

Regardless we’ll see final US pricing in the coming weeks.

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