is out with a new review of MINI’s intrepid Cooper SD diesel powerplant. This time it’s specifically in the Countryman All4. Of all the cars in the MINI line, we think the R60 seams the most logical candidate for the beefier oil burner because of its added size and because the fuel economy offered in the petrol engines doesn’t shine quite so brightly in this largest MINI model. Autocar agrees.

In many ways, this engine suits the Countryman better than any of its siblings. As the heaviest Mini in the range – by a long stretch in All4 guise – the Countryman really does need all the torque it can find. And this new turbo diesel develops more torque than any other engine in the MINI range, including the John Cooper Works power plant. That’s 225lb ft of the twisting stuff, which is very welcome.

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Mr. Conway goes on to say that in SD trim, the Countryman is really best thought of as a capable cruiser. It’s not the hot hatch the smaller cars are, but that’s not much of a surprise. What it is, though, is a truly unique car in its segment that can actually seat four adults in comfort. Try doing that in the Cooper hatch.