AutoExpress, the overly sensational british auto tabloid, has done it again with a set of “photos” claiming that this is the production version of the MINI Rocketman concept. They are not. In fact the details aren’t even close to what MINI will ultimately produce. The ‘photos’ are nothing but photoshop jobs of the concept car we saw last spring at Geneva. However Auto Express does give us further confirmation that the Rocketman will ultimately be produced. So let’s talk about what we know.

As MF readers likely remember, we’ve been reporting for the last few years that MINI has been looking at building a city car based on a shortened version of the R56 chassis. AE suggests that BMW may lend the carbon fiber and aluminum chassis from the upcoming i3 for the Rocketman. The problem with that theory (beyond the fact it makes no sense) is cost and product complexities. The Rocketman will be priced lower than the standard MINI hatch and the i3 with all of it’s carbon and aluminum will likely be around the $40k mark. With that said we still believe the Rocketman will be based on a shortened existing MINI chassis.

Look for MINI Design to revise the entire car for production but retain the general look of the Rocketman concept.