A little more than an hour of 5 dudes sitting around talking about Canada and haboobs. No, not really, but we were a little distracted when we got started wondering if a cube deweler is rocking out to WRR with a sub-woofer at his or her desk. Post a photo on our Facebook page and you might win a badge.

When the music finally started, we talk about the news from Motoringfile and Todd compares a MINI to a Fiat 500 to an 8th grade cheerleader. All you have to do is listen to find out what I’m on about. Plus you’ll get the new Outmotoring.com 5% discount code.

Finish with a little bit of Ask Chad and White Roof Radio live happening this October 22nd at Detroit Tuned. If you are close enough, we’d love to see you!

And before anyone gets upset, Season 17 of Top Gear is coming to BBC America on August 22nd, not this week or next.

**Woofcast 385**

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