We’re 2,000 miles into our tenure with the Countryman we’ve already learned how well the R60 handles a road trip. Granted packing for a trip as a small family definitely requires some thought both in choosing what to bring and how to pack it. From figuring out how to get strollers in to playing life-sized tetris with luggage, the Countryman can accommodate quite a bit. You just have to use some geometry.

The one option that helps give you a bit more versatility is the flat floor extension. It’s essentially an extra piece of carpeted floor that can either fold flat in the boot, fold up to separate the boot from the two rear seats or go forward over the seats once their folded down. The latter is essential in giving you a flat floor for maximum load versatility. However it comes at a cost. $250 and a bit more weight in the car MINI has clearly over-engineered to make sure it can support almost anything you can throw on it.

Similar to the Clubman the the Countryman also features a compartment below the floor in the boot for smaller items. While it houses the jack and tools there’s quite a lot of room for smaller or collapsable items.

Does it work as a family car? It’s certainly no match for four door sedan when it comes to swallowing cargo. But if it’s a small family that doesn’t mind packing light, the Countryman can be a great alternative to what most of us know as a family vehicle.