Thanks for Drill for allowing us usage of his photos. View all images after the break.

During the recent September 15th-25th 64th Annual IIA Motor Show in Frankfurt MINI exhibited some of the upcoming accessories for the R58 Coupe that were previously covered in our story on the upcoming MINI Coupe accessories.

JCW Coupe Spoiler – The spoiler does replace the innovative automatic spoiler that is a first for the BMW/MINI group  We still have not received any information if this accessory spoiler will need the default spoiler either removed or disabled. This gives the Coupe and the eventual Roadster increased down force that will likely be useful in higher speed pursuits such as a track day. The visual language does a good job complementing the rear of the Coupe.

Black trimmed taillights – Likely developed to complement the Black headlight that have recently gone on sale. These should retrofit to R56, R57 LED taillights as well.

Cross spoke R113 Red Stripe Wheels – The R113 in black with the red stripe. This should present a sportier feel to the very popular R113 wheel.

Side Decals – Originally we identified these as being Cooper S side graphics but the image clearly shows a JCW logo incorporated with the stripe. We believe that there might be multiple side strips thus explaining this. Could this mean side strip for Cooper, Cooper S, and JCW? These will fit R56, R57, R58, and R59 cars.

JCW Leather and Alcantara Recaro Sports Seats – These are a new Recaro seat that is a blend between the standard sport seats and the current JCW Recaro seats. There was no information if these seats are replacing the current more aggressive JCW Recaro seats or just a secondary option. There is no information that these would be made available to the US market so until we hear differently we would presume they would not make it to the US market.