From day one, MINI has made a name for itself by having fun with its advertising and marketing efforts. Many times, these include outdoor “environmental marketing” in big cities such as New York or Chicago. These are essentially outdoor marketing stunts, which have included putting a Cooper on top of a Ford Excursion, or sticking a Countryman inside a giant snow globe. To celebrate the new Coupé, MINI is putting on a different kind of “launch” — one involving a 30-foot high faux rocket with a real MINI Coupé attached, ready to orbit the imagination.

MINI isn’t stopping there, however. Sure, erecting a 30-foot tall MINI space shuttle in the middle of New York’s meatpacking district is sure to turn some heads. But you know what a MINI space ship really needs? Astronauts. Four MINI ambassadors in full astronaut suits will be holding court at the Coupé “launch site” giving out brochures and answering questions.

The installation will remain in place until November 1st, so I guess you could almost think of this as the Coupé’s Halloween costume. Any NY area MF readers laid eyes on this? How’s it look? Chime in below.