It’s not the much rumors JCW Countryman or even the recently uncovered Prodrive version. But it is an homage to the current WRC Countryman rally car complete with the full set of questionable go-fast stickers and finished in Chili Red – normally unavailable on the Countryman. Inside it is laden with MINI’s typical carbon fiber goodies including steering wheel, shift knob etc. Beyond that the only thing we can tell is exclusive to this car are the white JCW 19″ wheels that normally are only available in black or sliver.

Reportedly 100 of them are coming the UK dealers but there’s nothing that we can find that indicates any wider distribution (or even confirms that figure). Either way we’d pass. We’ll happily bide our time for the real JCW Countryman coming in late 2012.

Hat tip to @Rakey via Twitter.