With MINI adding the Recaro seating option along with the Roadster to the production line at Oxford, we’ll be seeing availability of some options ending with March production. Specifically Laguna Green (just introduced in September) and Laser Blue will be ending production. In addition Hot Chocolate will become unavailable on the convertible. But colors are just the start.

MINI will be phasing out the venerable Web Spoke wheels except for the newer black and polished lip combination that came out a couple of years ago. Also going away will be the Pace spokes which are the standard 17″ wheel that comes on the Clubman with the sport package (in the US). They’re also one of our favorite 17″ wheels MINI has ever produced. In fact, aside of the JCW Challenge spokes, we can’t think of a wheel we’d hate to see go more.

Finally MINI will be ending production of the rarely chosen Hot Chocolate top on the R57 Convertible. Not surprising since Hot Chocolate as an exterior paint color will be going away at the same time.