If there’s one thing that MINI consistently gets dinged on in consumer feedback is a lack of room. Even though it’s called
a MINI, there are many markets that prize space and utility above almost all else. And MINI intends to respond. But instead of making the 3rd generation MINI hatch (aka the F56) bigger, they intend to give it more utility and more access to the space it already has.

More specifically they intend to give you at least one club-door similar to the door the Clubman currently has on the right side. The original rumor was that MINI would have two doors (one on each side). However it may make more sense to solely have it on the left side of the car given than the fuel door will move to the right side of the car to better correspond with the front wheel drive BMW that will share engines and chassis with the MINI.

The addition is rumored to be an option on the MINI after the first stage of production – likely 6-12 months after the introduction of the F56 in late 2013.

So what about the rumored BMW like interior? Don’t believe it. What you see if you’ve been following the Automotive web lately is a BMW 1 Series (from the forthcoming FWD 1 Series) shoe-horned into the F56 to hide MINI’s radical new interior. Yes despite what you read on other sites, MINI will not get a BMW interior and will not lose it’s core design identity.