For the second year in a row, MINI has been named the top service experience by J.D. Power. When it comes to getting your car worked on, MINI takes the best care of you, according to JDP. The experience customers had with their service advisor at MINI dealerships was apparently just that little bit better.

Among mass market brands, MINI ranks highest for a second consecutive year with a score of 809. MINI performs particularly well in four of the five measures: service quality, service advisor, service facility and vehicle pick-up. Also among the top five brands in the mass market segment are Buick (805); GMC (803); Chevrolet (801); and Hyundai (791). Of mass market brands, Nissan (which gains 43 points) and Toyota (gains 31 points) achieve the greatest improvements from 2011.

JDP goes on to make three recommendations that automotive service providers should consider to optimize customer satisfaction:

  1. Promote online scheduling of service appointments.
  2. Review the technician inspection report with all service customers.
  3. Consider the benefits of implementing complimentary maintenance programs.

These are three mainstays of MINI service already, so it’s no surprise that MINI is scoring well. In my experience, having your MINI worked on at the dealership, especially when that dealership shares a facility with a BMW dealership, is an experience that definitely benefits from parent company BMW’s influence. MINI is one of the few mass-market brands where you get a more luxury car-like customer experience. That definitely plays to MINI’s favor in studies like this. Furthermore, having a Service Advisor that you can get to know never hurts either.

[Source: J.D. Power}